Apartment Complex Concept Design

HCIDLA works with three City commissions and four advisory groups made up of community leaders who share their expertise and provide strategic policy recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on a variety of challenges that the City faces. We invite you to learn what each of the commissions do, who the commissioners are and how they are working to better serve residents. We also invite you to learn about the other advisory groups that provide advice, feedback, and guidance in the development of our policies, procedures, and programs. 

Rent Adjustment Commission

Responsible for adopting policies, rules and regulations to carry out the mandate of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance. Learn more and meet our six commissioners.

Affordable Housing Commission

Seven Commissioners appointed by the Mayor advises the city’s leadership around affordable housing issues. Learn more about our mission and meet our commissioners.

Commission on Community and Family Services

Advises the city’s leadership on issues of poverty, and the needs of children, youth and their families. Learn more about our mission and meet our 15 commissioners.

Community Action Board

State mandated board advises on the use of federal CSBG funds for City’s anti-poverty strategy.

Domestic Violence Alliance

Addresses the many complex issues involved in the prevention of and response to domestic violence.

Mobile Home Park Taskforce

The Taskforce provide a specific forum which allows for discussion of issues in mobilehome parks. The members of the MHPTF are mobilehome owners, mobilehome park owners, and industry representatives appointed by the RAC. They provide advice and recommendations to the RAC on matters of concern related to mobile homes and manufactured housing.

LA Countywide HOPWA Advisory Committee

LACHAC provides advice, recommendations and advocacy related to the administration of countywide Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Program.

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