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The Community Services and Development Bureau operations include the planning and administration of the City’s Consolidated Plan and HCIDLA’s social service delivery programs, including the FamilySource System, Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Shelter Operations, Housing Opportunities for Persons with HIV/AIDS (HOPWA), Supportive Housing Services for homeless individuals and families; and administrative oversight of Commission on Community & Family Services; Community Action Board, and Affordable Housing Commission.


The Community Services and Development Bureau offers programs to support many of the most vulnerable residents of Los Angeles.  

Consolidated Plan and Resources

The plan presents how the city will maximize four federal grants we get each year by prioritizing projects according to areas with the greatest needs and by leveraging existing resources. 

Commissions and Advisory Boards

HCIDLA works with three City Commissions and four advisory groups that advise the City on community needs:

  • Commission for Community and Family Services
  • Affordable Housing Commission
  • Community Action Board
  • Rent Adjustment Commissions
  • Domestic Violence Alliance
  • Mobile Home Park Taskforce
  • LA Countywide HOPWA Advisory Committee

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