Housing Department Appointment Scheduler


Schedule an *in-person or virtual appointment for LAHD representative assistance. (*For in-person appointments requirements apply).

File the Disclosure Notice and Buyout Agreement


Submit disclosure notice and buyout agreements via our tenant buyout online system.

Affordable & Accessible Housing Registry

Owners/managers of affordable and accessible housing and renters seeking housing can access information and online services. 

Bills - Pay Here

For one-stop account access to pay fees, manage billing, register new or remove properties, automatically receive RSO certificates, request exemptions, upload forms and documents, and access up to three years of account history.  Use credit/debit cards or ACH (E-check) with no service fees. 

Capital Improvement


Apply to recover costs from capital improvements made to rental units or common areas of the housing complex.

Foreclosure GeoRegistry​

Explore this interactive public portal and map that tracks the status of residential properties in foreclosure, and also includes related information and complaints across Los Angeles.

Just and Reasonable


The Los Angeles Just and Reasonable guidelines allow an increase in rent when a landlord’s current year’s Net Operating Income (NOI) is less than his/her base year’s NOI adjusted for inflation.

Land Use

Access online services related to land use covenants and other HCIDLA services related to certain state laws and City ordinances with housing requirements.

Luxury Exemption


Apply for a Luxury Exemption Certificate, the property owner needs rental records from 1978 to document the rent charged on or before May 31, 1978, to determine if they exceeded certain levels.

Primary Renovation Program


Apply to recover costs from primary renovations made to rental units or common areas of the housing complex.

Rehabilitation Program​


Apply to recover costs for rehabilitation work completed on a rental unit or common area to comply with an Order from LAHD, LA Department of Building & Safety, LA Fire Department, or County Health Department due to a change in the Housing Code, or to repair damage from a natural disaster (e.g. fire).

Rent Registry

To provide the annually required rental amount and tenancy information for a property, please click ‘CONTINUE’. 

Seismic Retrofit


Apply to recover costs from mandatory seismic retrofits made to rental units or common areas of the housing complex.

Tenant Habitability Program (THP)

Access the online application for the Tenant Habitability Program (THP) that property owners or managers must submit before starting any work related to Seismic Retrofits or Primary Renovation. 

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