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Situations that require the property owner to regain the use of the rental unit, as the result of a personal or business decision, and not the fault of the tenant may be cause for eviction, but the landlord may have to pay the tenant relocation assistance.  These reasons include when the landlord:

1.      Wants the rental unit for his own use or a family member.

2.      Wants the rental unit for the use of a resident manager.

3.      Wants to demolish or permanently remove (Ellis Act) the unit from rental housing use.

4.      Has been ordered to vacate the unit or building by a governmental agency, as the result of a legal violation.

5.      Is the Federal Government and it wants to sell the property the rental unit is on.

6.       Owns a Residential Hotel and wants to demolish or convert the building to another use.

7.      Wants to convert or build Affordable Housing Accommodations requiring a government-imposed regulatory agreement.

A landlord cannot evict a tenant in order to sell the property, unless the property is owned by the Federal Government (see #5 above).

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