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The Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program is a competitive state funding program that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by funding compact affordable housing in conjunction with sustainable transportation improvements. It provides funding for affordable housing development and related infrastructure, as well as transportation-related amenities, and programs that encourage residents to walk, bike and use transit. Funded by auction proceeds from California’s Cap-and-Trade program, AHSC helps create holistic communities with affordable housing and transportation options near jobs and other key destinations. AHSC is administered by the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) and implemented by the California Department of Housing and Community Development. With the extension of  Cap-and-Trade through 2030, the AHSC Program will continue to receive a 20 percent appropriation of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds. Since launching in 2015, AHSC has invested over $1.7 billion in affordable housing and sustainable transportation improvements across the state. AHSC awarded over $1.2 billion to support 102 projects in the first four rounds of the program. These 102 awards will support over 9,400 housing units, more than 85 percent of which are affordable; more than 150 miles of new or improved bike lanes; and more than 1,000 new or improved crosswalks. Overall, this has led to a reduction of 2.1 million metric tons of CO2-equivalents and about 223,000 pounds of criteria air pollutants.

AHSC Round 6 FY 19-20

The upcoming NOFA for AHSC Round 6 is expected to be released late-October 2020. The anticipated NOFA amount is to be determined. We encourage you to sign up for the Strategic Growth Council’s email list (be sure to check the AHSC box), to ensure you are receiving the latest official AHSC announcements.

Tentative Schedule

August 2020
Release of Round 6 Draft Program Guidelines
September 2020
Stakeholder Meetings/Comments on Draft Guidelines
October 2020
Release of Round 6 Application
February 2021
Application Due Date
June 2021
R6 Awards Adoption

Current Guidelines

Please see the AHSC Round 5 Draft Guidelines and Award Results here.


DEVELOPER CALL FOR PROJECTS FORM:  All interested R6 potential applicants will be required to complete the Developer Call for Projects Form to be considered as a potential co-applicant with the City of Los Angeles. The deadline to submit the completed Developer Call for Projects Form is AUGUST 15, 2020. The City of Los Angeles will be coordinating the application process for AHSC Round 6. HCIDLA asks interested AHSC applicants to register their affordable housing project with the City. Please note that registering does not guarantee admittance into the City’s AHSC application process. The selection process will largely depend on the competitiveness of the project based on the AHSC Guidelines. The City of Los Angeles held its Developer’s Kick off Meeting on Wednesday, July 15th, 2020. For additional information click here.

AHSC Round 5

On June 25, 2020, the State of California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) has awarded $131.3 million to the City of Los Angeles under the Round 5 AHSC Program. This is the largest SGC award to date to the City of Los Angeles. The AHSC funds will provide much needed gap-financing for the development of seven (7) affordable housing projects with a total  of 725 new apartment homes, of which 595 units (82%) will be dedicated for low-income and extremely low-income households. Of the $131.3 million award, $87 million will be allocated for new affordable housing construction and $42 million for transit-related infrastructure projects, including 8.11 miles of pedestrian and cycling improvements. Combined, these seven awarded projects will help reduce over 148,000 metric tons in GHG emissions. Additionally, the City is partnering with Los Angeles County on the 3rd and Dangler project  awarded AHSC funds.

Impact in Los Angeles

To date, Los Angeles has been awarded nearly $330.8 million in funding for housing projects and related transportation improvements, providing funding to help create over 2,943 affordable units for individuals and families in need.

Los Angeles Awarded Projects

AHSC Round 5 FY 18-19

  • Corazon del Valle
  • Parkview
  • Rose Hill Court
  • Santa Monica and Vermont
  • Thatcher Yard
  • Washington Arts Collective
  • 619 Westlake
Click here for AHSC Round 5 project profiles

AHSC Round 4 FY 17-18

  • Hollywood Arts Collective
  • Manchester Urban Homes
  • Weingart Tower and Skidrow Transportation Safety Project
  • Vermont Manchester Transit Priority Project
  • Jordan Downs Phase S3 & Watts Pedestrian Bike District
Click here for AHSC Round 4 project profiles

AHSC Round 3 FY 16-17

  • Elden Elms
  • PATH Villas Hollywood
Click here for AHSC Round 3 project profiles

AHSC Round 2 FY 15-16

  • 7th & Witmer
  • PATH Ventures Villas Phase 2
  • Rolland Curtis West
  • Six Four Nine Lofts
  • Sun Valley Senior Veterans Apartments
  • MDC Jordan Downs*
Click here for AHSC Round 2 project profiles

AHSC Round 1 FY 14-15

  • 127th Street Apartments
  • Crenshaw Villas
  • El Segundo Family Apartments
  • MacArthur Park Apartments
  • Mosaic Gardens at Westlake
  • Rolland Curtis East
  • Sylmar Court Apartments
  • Cielito Lindo Apartments*
  • Jordan Downs*
Click here for AHSC Round 1 project profiles *indicates projects the City of Los Angeles did not work with

Los Angeles AHSC Map

For a map of awarded projects, high quality transit areas, and disadvantaged communities, click here.

This is a gis map of R1-4 AHSC projects.

HCIDLA and the City AHSC Team

As a co-applicant, HCIDLA works collaboratively with the applicant to develop competitive applications and serves as the lead department for the City’s AHSC application process. HCIDLA coordinates with other city departments including the Department of Transportation, Bureau of Engineering, Department of City Planning, Bureau of Street Lighting, Bureau of Street Services, and Economic and Workforce Development Department. HCIDLA also works closely with the appropriate Council District Offices, LA Metro, and our technical assistance service provider. Since AHSC Round 3, the City of Los Angeles has been responsible for the design, construction, and completion of all transportation-related improvements. The City of Los Angeles therefore receives the transportation-related grants, while the developer receives the housing related loans and/or grants.


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