Portrait of Commissioner.

Kelli Dillon


Kelli Dillon is the Co-Chairperson for the Empowerment Congress Southeast Neighborhood Council. She is a survivor of domestic/gang violence and an advocate for violence prevention and intervention programs. Kelli found herself incarcerated at the age of 19 years old and was sentenced to serve a 15 year sentence. Her case intensified from a domestic violence incident, in defense from preventing an attack from her abuser.

While in the California Department of Corrections, her advocacy and community social work began during this time assisting fellow inmates with counseling and social justice issues. Since that time, Kelli continues to advance in education and has received certifications of training in the areas of Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Batterer’s Intervention Program, Art Therapy, H.I.V/STI Education and Peer Advocacy, Homeless prevention, and Sociology.

In 2014, Kelli worked as an advocate with Justice Now, Inc. along side of Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson on the SB 1135 Anti-Sterilization Bill. Her testimony was key in helping the Senate and Gov. Jerry Brown pass this bill into a Law, to ban unlawful and non-consensual sterilization of California prisoners. Kelli has received several awards for her passionate work and continues to volunteer her time in the community of Los Angeles.

Kelli is now the Vice- President of the Empowerment Congress Southeast Neighborhood Council and serves as a Commissioner for the Community and Family services.

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