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The Human Trafficking Shelter Operations (HTSO) program, created as a pilot program, provides emergency and transitional shelter beds and supportive services dedicated for ADULT survivors of human trafficking at shelters located within the City of Los Angeles.

The HTSO program provides shelter-based services and resource connections to survivors of human trafficking so they can make an appropriate transition into a long-term, safe living environment.

If you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking, please call the confidential hotline 888-KEY-TO-FREE (888-539-2373) Coalition Against Slavery and Trafficking for assistance.

The HTSO service provider offers non-judgmental social, information, and practical support to all survivors of human trafficking; promotes safety, healing, justice, and rights; ensures a voice for survivors through victim-centered policies and practices; promotes access for survivors to a seamless network of multidisciplinary and comprehensive services to meet their needs; and advocates for victim-related services, policies as well as advocates for social, institutional, and legal change.

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