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Community Services and Development

Two men sitting on chairs in the dining area of an affordable housing apartment unit We oversee social services and housing programs that assist low-income, homeless, and special needs populations, and communities in general. We also manage the Consolidated Plan, the administration of federal funds (including HOME, ESG and CDBG) for the City, and the Commission on Community and Family Services (CCFS) and the Los Angeles City Community Action Board (CAB). Meet our Assistant General Manager Abigail Marquez

Program Operations

Our programs focus on lifting families out of poverty and moving them towards self-sufficiency; ensuring safe and secure living environments; housing homeless and special needs populations; and providing neighborhood development funds to improve low-income communities, to name a few.

Consolidated Planning

The Consolidated Planning Division prepares the City’s work plan of projects and programs for grants from the US Department of Urban Development (HUD).  The City prepares both a five-year plan and annual plan updates to describe funding to be spent on projects and programs for community development, capital improvements to neighborhoods, home inspections, shelters for the homeless, and Housing and Services for People Living with AIDS (HOPWA). We handle the more technical aspects of managing HUD grants such as HOME, CDBG, HESG, HOPWA, as well as other state and federal grants;  provide assistance to City staff on federal regulations, compliance and reporting requirements; manage annual applications for Consolidated Plan funds to determine if proposed projects will be an eligible use of federal funds and comply with regulations; gather information from multiple City departments about HUD projects and report the information to HUD; and prepare HUD’s annual performance report, the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER).  In addition, we connect Los Angeles residents to City government by providing a platform for civic engagement. Through diverse programming spearheaded by CCFS and CAB, we advocate for some of LA’s most vulnerable populations with the ultimate goal of enhancing opportunities. As the second largest city in the nation, LA residents reflect almost every continent on the globe. Considering the City’s global reach, we address domestic and international conflict to promote peace and inclusion in local neighborhoods.

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