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A moving vehicle with child passengers is one of the most dangerous places for children. In California, car accidents are among the top five causes of hospitalization and death among children under age 16.  There is universal agreement that serious injury to a child passenger during the operation of a vehicle is significantly reduced if that child is in a car seat that has been properly installed and fitted. Many parents, however, are not aware of the steps they should take to ensure that their children are as safe as possible while riding in a motor vehicle.

Keeping Children Safe in Vehicles

HCIDLA’s Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Program has as its primary goal the reduction in the number of injuries and deaths to children caused during automobile accidents by educating parents, guardians, and other drivers about the best ways to protect their children.  Through the coordinated efforts of the City’s Family Source Centers, hospitals, and other participating organizations, the CPS program provides child passenger safety education to low income families throughout the City of Los Angeles.

Child Passenger Safety Classes

Child passenger safety classes are led by trained and certified CPS staff. During each session, the parent/guardian receives important information about how to correctly install a car seat in the vehicle and properly fit the child in the seat. Classes are provided several times each month at different locations and are open to the public. For more information about the CPS program, or to register for a class, please call (213) 808-8962. Funding for the Child Passenger Safety Program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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