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Substantial Amendments

If we make changes to either the 5-year Strategic or Annual Action plans once the City Council and Mayor have approved our plans for spending CDBG, HOME, HOPWA and ESG funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), we will need to amend the plans.  Some of the changes are considered major and are called Substantial Amendments. Please see the Community Input page for more information.

When we have a Substantial Amendment, we strive to get input from the community on the proposed changes.  We summarize the changes in a notice and allow 30 days for the community to review the summary and provide feedback. Comments received about the Substantial Amendments are shared with HUD.

Click here to view the latest Substantial Amendment

You can view past Substantial Amendment notices by sending a request to If you would like to get an email notice each time we post a Substantial Amendment for public review and comment, please Subscribe to Consolidated Plan – Substantial Amendments.

Substantial Amendments for the Current Program Year

Substantial Amendment 46-01

Substantial Amendment 46-02

Substantial Amendment 46-03

Substantial Amendment 46-04

Substantial Amendment 46-05

Substantial Amendment 46-06

Past Substantial Amendments for Program Year 45

Substantial Amendment 45-01

Substantial Amendment 45-02

Substantial Amendment 45-03

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