It’s not everyday the Mayor of Los Angeles comes knocking at your door.  But last week, on May 25, 2016, surprised tenants on Union Street in Los Angeles opened their doors to find a smiling Mayor Garcetti, who had stopped by the apartment building to talk to residents about the Rent Stabilization Ordinance and distribute door hangers promoting HCIDLA’s Gateway to Green (G2G) conservation program.  In collaboration with the Department of Water and Power,  G2G helps apartment owners save money, water and energy through incentives and rebate programs.  The specially made door hangers provides tenants and owners handy conservation tips that they can do everyday to help make this city a little bit more greener.  In a time of drought and rising energy costs, sustainability has always been high on the Mayor’s priorities list, and he has shown he’s willing to do whatever it takes to spread the word. One door at a time.  

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