Thanksgiving reminds us to come together to share our experiences and lessons with friends, family, and the community. The story of Mrs. Soto and her family was one that has illustrated how in extending our support to others in need, we can find strength and hope in our common purpose.

Mrs. Soto is a tenant in South LA with two small children. Her son loved to play with his toy cars around the house. Racing his cars on the window sill and looking outside imagining himself driving down the street. However, his mom wasn’t concerned about the dangers outside, it was the possibility of chemicals in the home that made her worry. Like many tenants of older, low-income housing in LA with minimal resources put towards maintaining the properties, Mrs. Soto and her family had been living in a house with lead contamination.

Mrs. Soto however was resourceful. She was concerned about the potential problem and took action finding a resource in the Lead Hazard Remediation Program (LHRP), a program of the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA). The program offers education on issues of lead contamination and helps make units like Mrs. Soto’s safe.

The Soto family are now able to live in their lead safe home after LHRP provided new windows and flooring and repainted the property’s exterior, kitchen, and bathroom. Mrs. Soto is very thankful for the peace of mind she now has knowing that her family can live safely in a lead-free home.

Mrs. Soto’s story is a reminder to all of us of what we are able to achieve when we come together to uplift our community.  At the intersection of a strong passion for community building and knowledge of public health, HCIDLA through its Lead Hazard Remediation Program wants to make sure you are healthy, happy, and hopeful for the holidays this year.


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